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Videos worth your time to watch - they say a picture paints a thousand words, a video surely must paint a million.


The clips and videos linked to on this page serve to provide you the consumer more information - these productions are for information purposes only and may or may not reflect the views of Naked Vapour - they are listed here for your information only.

Naked Vapour does not claim e-Cigarettes to be smoking cessation devices, nor do we claim them to be anything other than what they are - they are a tool or "gadget" used by millions of tobacco smokers worldwide as an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Under A Cloud – Under A Cloud

  • Aired on TVNZ Sunday 21 May

Could e-cigarettes or vaping be the ultimate solution for those still trying to kick their smoking habit? Proponents say e-cigarettes are safe and are helping millions of people around the world to quit smoking. Sunday investigates the e-cigarette revolution, and the moves that one tobacco giant has been making.


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