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The Naked Vapour Team

Common faults and their fixes; 

Q: My eGo battery doesn't seem to charge, when I connect it to the charger, the light on the charger remains GREEN, instead of turning RED to indicate charging?

A: This is most often caused by poor electrical contact between the charger and the battery.

Step 1: Clean the contact of the battery and charger and try again.

Step 2: If the clean did not fix the issue, proceed with Step 3

Step 3: The inner contact of the eGo battery has an adjustable centre to contact, this is to allow a bit of connection length flexibility, as all cartomizers/atomizers are slightly different. NB: This should not be required for EVOD, Biansi or eGo-C batteries typically.

Sometimes this contact gets pushed in to far through normal use or by over tightening. Quite common amongst newer users who are unfamiliar with how tight things need to be.

The fix is to carefully lever up the inner contact of the battery.

Turn the battery to its off state using the 5 click protection - 5 clicks of the battery button within 2 seconds

TEST the button to ensure it no longer responds and the battery is OFF

Tools required

  • Ideally use a toothpick
  • or the end of an unfolded paperclip.

Wedge your chosen tool in between the inner contact and outer wall of the battery

Carefully lever/pry from a couple of positions to lift the inner contact up a little.

Only 1/2mm (0.5mm) total (do not exceed this, doing so may break the tiny wire inside), reconnect to charger and see if the RED light appears - charging?

If so, all is well and leave to do a full charge cycle, once the light returns to green, it should be OK. Repeat as required.

Step 4: If this doesn't correct the issue and the battery is within our warranty period and conditions (and you bought it from us of course), contact us with your original WEB invoice number so we can further assist you.

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