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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Sales strictly limited to long term committed tobacco smokers over the age of 18.

Not for use by those under the age of 18 years of age or pregnant. Sales strictly limited to long term tobacco smokers.

NB: Due to the nature of these devices we do not accept change of mind returns for any product. Please choose carefully before completing your order.

These products are designed to be used as recreational smoking alternatives, and are not suitable for use by those that have never smoked; they are not sold or promoted as smoking cessation devices.

Inhalation of anything other than fresh air may have as yet unknown side effects, user discretion advised.

Consult your own health care professional

Please consider consulting your own health care professional before use and consult immediately should you experience any health concerns whilst using these types of devices.

Naked Vapour makes no claims to any devices safety and accepts no responsibility as such.

By purchasing these products you agree to use these products at your own discretion and that there may be some risk for the user, as a smoker you must weigh up these risks (past, present and future) and make your own informed decisions.

Batteries - caution

Consider all batteries fragile and handle accordingly, batteries can contain a lot of energy that will be discharged one way or another, always charge batteries as per the directions provided and always charge batteries in a safe manner at all times, ideally supervised or monitored at all times.


This applies to all types of rechargeable batteries.


Product guides and manuals

Some products also come with card guides and user manuals, please read and understand all supplied information before the use of any product. If you are unsure or uncertain please consult the original product listing for more information.

NB: We offer Nicotine as an option within our complete e-Cigarette kits ONLY. e-Liquid containing nicotine is only available with a complete e-Cigarette kit purchase (ensure you select the correct options with your kit) and is at no additional cost (FREE) so therefore not sold and is not available any other way at this time.

We have added recreational nicotine as an option to allow people to start vaping with nic while they wait for their own supplies to arrive from international sources. Please read and understand the information on our Nicotine Base page before any purchase. LINK

Warranty – general (unless otherwise specified within the listing)

Atomizing devices - Dead on arrival only.

All atomizing devices are consumable and can be fragile when heated (think incandescent light bulb filament) and could fail at any time with the constant heating and cooling cycles expected of them during their normal use.

Batteries – 30 ~ 90 days or as specified

Manufacturing faults only, batteries are a consumable item, they have a finite capacity for charge/discharge cycles and depending on how they are used and the resistance of the atomizing devices, have a very wide range of life expectancies.


We accept no returns for any liquids EVER, flavour and taste is very subjective, if unsure please purchase smaller sizes at first.

We also do not want to expose the NZ courier/post system to potentially poorly packed returns, this is unhygienic and potentially dangerous for the benefit of nobody. We ship all liquids triple layer protected minimum including tamper evident seals.

Proof of purchase

All warranty/returns must be accompanied by the WEB Invoice No. to provide proof of purchase and for any direct support requested.

Warranties are valid worldwide; International buyers accept all shipping costs in case of warranty issues.

Naked Vapour is bound by the Consumers Guarantees & Fair Trading Acts.


Paypal payments can be made via your Paypal account or via a guest account with a credit card or suitable Debit+ card.

Bank deposit is the other option we offer, you are emailed Bank Deposit instructions on completion of the sale, including the bank account number. Payments can be made however you like, over the counter at any bank branch in NZ, internet banking etc.

Orders ship once payment is confirmed, Paypal is instant, Bank deposit is overnight minimum with payments made after 10pm Friday, not clearing until the following Tuesday.


Shipping and handling - updated 15-9-14

We are fast, same day dispatch if your order i splaced and completed by 1pm (Mon- Fri), see below.

All NZ orders over $75 get FREE shipping NZ wide, conditions may apply.

We ship on confirmation of payment and when all goods are in stock, usually same day if completed and paid for by 1pm.

We use New Zealand Couriers (and Courier Post for PO Box deliveries) with an overnight delivery target for main centres, and 2-3 business days for rural areas.  

Signature required is default for all NZ orders -  A signature must be obtained by the driver - ensure someone is available to receive the package.

If you change the shipping option to a non signature method - Naked Vapour Ltd cannot be held responsible for non delivered items - you will have to resolve yourself directly with the Courier company involved - you have supplied the address and any additional delivery details - we can only ship to your supplied details as provided.

Ideally choose signature required (default for all NZ orders except PO Box) for safer delivery options.

  • No PO Box addresses for signature required - we resevere the right to alter shipping methods requested if required (ie: mistakes, wrong method seledcted, or above certain values will have to be Signature Required).

Public holdiays and other seasonal demands may alter delivery times - tracking information is available for all shipments, simply request tracking information by email to, include your WEB order number and name used to order.

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