Complete e-Cigarette Kits

Naked Vapour Complete e-Cigarette kits

Naked Vapour Complete e-Cigarette kits contain most hardware elements the new user needs to have a successful and enjoyable first time experience using an electronic cigarette.

The kits are typically supplied with 2 batteries, clearomizers and USB charger cord, plus we also include some e-Liquid* to get started.

Our Naked kits also include our own manuals, written and produced by us here in New Zealand.

Please ensure you have read and understand the information on our Nicotine Base page before any purchase. LINK

The Naked iClear 16 Kit below is the kit we recommend for new users looking to convert to vaping for the first time.


NB: We no longer supply AC USB adapters with our kits - as may be shown in some product images, use a suitably powered computer USB port or Smart Phone/Tablet AC USB power adapter to provide power for the USB Fast Charger adapter that is supplied.

  • Safety: Never leave any type of battery to charge unsupervised
  • Charge only on a fireproof surface


NB: Battery Variations for the iClear 16 & EVOD Kits

The kits listed above typically come with our standard eGo-C batteries, however when stock levels do not permit, we sometimes ship them with EVOD batteries as pictured in some images and as displayed in our manuals.

  • All Naked Vapour kits currently ship with black Evod batteries by KangerTech, some may also have options for Stainless EVOD type batteries

Updated 18-4-16


Our current recommendations - March 2017

For new users, we highly recommend the Naked eGo AIO Kit for all round performance and simplicity.



Rob : )

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