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Tanks and Clearomizers

Clearomizers typically have no filler and use tanks to hold e-Liquid.

They are usually designed with either top or bottom mounted coils.

  • Top mounted coil designs typically offer better flavour and a warmer vape than that of a bottom mounted design, as the vapour is produced closer to your mouth.
  • Bottom mounted coil designs tend to rarely suffer dry hits as the wick entry is also usually located where the e-Liquid will have no issue resaturating during normal use. The vapour produced travels further, thus producing a cooler vape, but still with an accurate flavour, typically not as intense as top mounted.

ALL Clearomizers will either need to be replaced or the head inside the device changed periodically - see more info to the right -->

Replacement Heads - LINK


Glass vs Plastics

 Avoid any e-Liquids or flavourings that contain the following ingredients for plastic tank type clearomizers

  • Wintergreen
  • Absinthe
  • Ripe Banana
  • Sour flavors
  • Malic acid
  • Citrus acid
  • Cinnamon like "atomic cinnamon" types
  • Cinnamon Red Hots
  • Clove
  • Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil

These ingredients/flavours are known to cause cracking/deformations in some plastic tank systems - ALL Naked Vapour e-Liquids are OK to use.

IF in any doubt use a glass type clearomizer system.




DISCONTINUED in 2016 - once remaining stock is gone - Clearomizers are what the sheer majority of users prefer, much easier to refill and with the right combinations give far better results.


Cartomizers have a filler material that requires saturation with e-Liquid.

  • Cartomizers are the type most often coupled with disposable and re-useable cigarette sized e-Cigarettes.

The cartomizers we sell are designed to be re-filled and used several times before discarding, they are all empty and require filling with e-Liquid before use.


Dispose of appropriately when vapour and flavour production drop to unsatisfactory levels.


See our Archived Section for all discontinued products for reference.

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