Aspire Premium Kit

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Aspire Premium Kit
Aspire Premium Kit
Aspire Premium Kit

Aspire Premium Kit

-suitable for experienced vapers only!

Released by Naked Vapour 24-9-14

This manufacturer produced kit contains all you need to start vaping - except the e-Liquid (see here for e-Liquids).

Aimed at experienced users, this kit combines two premium products that when combined can produce a vape that is not only variable in power output, but also has adjustable airflow to further allow the user to fine tune things even further.

Kit contains:

NB: We no longer supply AC USB adapters with our kits - as may be shown in some product images, use a suitably powered computer USB port or Smart Phone/Tablet AC USB power adapter to provide power for the USB Fast Charger adapter that is supplied.


*within New Zealand only


Aspire CF VV+ 1000mAh Battery

The Aspire CF VV battery range are a premium type battery with all of the standard safety features we have become to expect with these types of advanced power supplies.

The build quality is one of the highest we have seen to date, with a solid re-assuring feel in the hand, these slightly larger than normal diameter units offer good to excellent capacities without having to yeild a device that is too long.

The CF - Carbon Fibre finish is very good, underneath a clear layer that provides subtle changes with the slightest change in light.

VV - Stepless Variable Voltage from 3.3v ~ 4.8volt - this means you can adjust the vape intensity without having to change the resistance of the circuit (ie: change the head).

All Aspire CF VV type batteries have the following features.

  • Stainless steel ego style connector with NEW loaded spring centre pin - this provides far less risk of centre contact issues betwen various atomizing devices.
  • Carbon fibre coated tube under a clear outer - looks great!
  • Large metal button with intelligent LED light indicator surround - blue is 3.5 ~ 4.2volt remaining charge, orange is 3.5volt or below, consider charging
  • Stepless variation from 3.3v ~ 4.8v - simple twist style adjustment
  • 5-click ON/OFF protection capability - click the button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn completely on/off
  • Over-discharge and over-charge protection
  • Atomiser short circuit protection

VV= Variable Voltage

VV+= Variable Voltage + unit has a fixed eGo thread shroud


Aspire Nautilus Mini Glass Clearomizer

The Aspire Nautilus MINI Clearomizer system is a bottom dual VERTICAL coil clearomizer with adjustable airflow, this allows you restrict or relax the draw to suit your own vaping preference.


Caution - Borosilicate Glass Tank Version: This clearomizer uses a glass tank section made from borosilicate glass, similar to brand names such as Pyrex, this is a tougher than usual glass, but may break/crack if dropped or knocked over. Spare tanks when available can be found on the right hand side of this listing - NB: the original Nautilus and the Nautilus MINI do not use the same tank.

Adjustable Airflow

The Nautilus has a ring on the lower section that you can effectively dial in a new hole size to restrcit or relax the draw experienced - it has 4 holes sizes.

  • Simpy turn the lower ring to align with one of the 4 airway holes to suit your draw.

Replacement heads

This clearomizer tank system accepts Nautilus Replacement Heads - 5 Pack -  listed on the right hand side of this listing.

During the refilling process the head is exposed in the base for replacement when required. 

NB: The heads are a consumable item, please replace as vapour and flavour production fall below unsatisfactory levels.


To fill the tank -

see included user manual also

  • Remove from your battery
  • With the tank upside down, hold the glass tank section and carefully unscrew the head/base section.
  • Fill the tank with e-Liquid, ensure you avoid e-Liquid entering the central air path (it will go straight through), do not fill past the inner airway path.
  • Recombine the tank and base sections - the tank assembly is held together by the head screwing into the inner airway - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN - just tight enough to form a good seal
  • Leave the clearomizer for 5 minutes on first fill or head change, this is too allow the e-Liquid time to saturate the inner wicks and coils.
  • Re-fill as required - DO NOT LET IT RUN DRY


Warranty: Read carefully - 180 days (6 months) RTB warranty for manufacturing faults and defects for the Aspire CF battery & Aspire USB charger only. Nautilus Mini tank has 30 days for manufacturing defects only, does not cover the tank cracking or breaking outside of shipping(DOA only for the tank).The glass tank section is made from borosilicate glass, similar to brand names such as Pyrex, this is a tougher than usual glass. Does not cover intentional or accidental damage or devices that have been tampered with or show signs of any damage. All heads are DOA only for manufacturing defects, user consumable items.




NZ$139.90 NZ$119.90
Out of Stock
Aspire Premium Kit
Aspire Premium Kit
Aspire Premium Kit
NZ$139.90 NZ$119.90
Out of Stock