e-Liquids by Vape Bandit

Vape Bandit e-Liquid line up

Naked Vapour now offers the Vape Bandit range of e-Liquids

Released by Naked Vapour 9-2-18


Vape Bandit e-liquid is made to a high quality, meeting international standards

  • FDA compliant.
  • Created in an ISO 7 Certified workshop.
  • ISO22000 and GMP certified.
  • Strict quality compliance system.
  • Inspection machines monitor every stage of production.
  • Glass bottles are washed, disinfected with Ozone(O3) and machine dried before liquid is put inside them.
  • Unique, Vape Bandit flavours.

"quoted from their website"

NB: Flavour is subjective - no refunds or exhanges on any e-Liquids


VG Heavy

Currently all Vape Bandit e-Liquids stocked by Naked Vapour are VG Heavy - 60/40 VG/PG mix. VG Heavy mixes may not work/wick well in devices not designed for VG heavy (often devices 40w and below).

Nicotine is an addictive drug.

All Vape Bandit e-liquid comes packaged in protective cardboard boxes containing high-quality glass dripper bottles, giving you no chance of plastic leeching or bottle distortion.

Vape Bandit 120ml e-Liquids

Vape Bandit 30ml e-Liquids

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