Nicotine Base

For those that are interested in importing their nicotine, a supplier is listed below and whom we have dealt with since 2011.

They also have their products tested for purity and strength.

RTS is a nicotine base supplier, located in the USA, they use only locally sourced and extracted (USA) nicotine. They strive to offer the purest nicotine liquid on the market at the lowest possible prices.

Read on to find out what to buy and how to use it.......

Legality: As of  31 March 2017 it is legal for private individuals to import nicotine base into New Zealand - up to 3 months supply - not defined.



Tip: First time purchasers, keep it simple.

The following is provided as a guide only.

  • Always use all practical safety measures when handling any hazardous substance, ensure you know what you are dealing with and how to handle any issues should they arise.

This will allow you to mix with our double strength e-Liquids at a ratio of 1:1, keeping this as simple as possible.

Buy nicotine base at twice your current vaping level,

  • so if you like to vape at 18mg, buy 36mg,
  • or if you like to vape at 12mg buy 24mg etc.

When you have chosen your nicotine strength, you may be offered PG or VG as the base or carrier fluid.

  • PG for this example will work best.

Our actual Naked Vapour e-Liquids have been designed to be used the following ways to accomodate this later addition of nicotine:

Single Flavour strength - These are ready to use as they are, and are nicotine FREE.

Double Flavour strength - Designed to be mixed 1:1 with your own nicotine base or nicotine FREE base.

So to make 10ml of any Naked e-Liquid with 18mg strength, you will need:

  • 5ml (measured) of any Naked e-Liquid in double flavour strength
  • 5ml (measured) of 36mg nicotine base (purchased yourself via RTS, etc)
  • These 2 are then combined in a spare dripper bottle, bottle dripper nozzle replaced, cap back on and any spills or drops cleaned up immediately.

Result: 10ml of e-Liquid at 18mg with the correct flavour strength and ready to vape.

  • Shake the bottle to combine well (5~10 seconds is plenty)

In an ideal world you would leave this mixture to steep for 24 hours or more to allow the flavours to fully develop, this is entirely optional however.

advanced users Triple Flavour strength - Designed to be diluted 1:2 with your own nicotine base or nicotine FREE base (advanced because the math can be a bit trickier)


RTS Nicotine Base

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