Naked e-Liquid Flavour Descriptions

Naked Tobacco Apple-Baccy

Adding to our Tobacco e-Liquids with a twist we have created Apple-Baccy.

Backed by components from our Naked Vapour Premium Tobacco blend, Apple-Baccy adds that touch of sweet apple that combines wonderfully to create something truly special.

Developed to be similar to a Hookah or Shisha type of vapour flavouring.

Naked Tobacco Nude

     Entry Level Flavour (For first time users)

This tobacco blend has been carefully hand crafted to produce that familiar taste most of us are comfortable with. Some may appreciate the ashiness this flavour has.

We created this flavour to fill a bit of a void, some users who had previous pre-filled cartomizer flavour experience to draw upon requested this type of flavour profile. This is the "closest" cigarette type flavour we have made to date.

Although this blend was developed for the new to e-cig pallette, old hands may also appreciate this blend.

Naked Tobacco "Premium"

Entry Level Flavour (great for first time users)

This blend took a few more months of work to get just right, we were looking for a tobacco that is a little more pipe like but still retains a softer well rounded tobacco flavour. Along with hints of caramel and a smokey undertone and an ever so slight ashiness.

Perfect for my own all day vaping needs when I want a tobacco.

Naked Tobacco Strawbaccy

Entry Level Flavour (great for first time users)

If you are a strawberry fan then this will be a decent experience, this blend is a tobacco blend like our Naked Tobacco "Premium" but we have added a dash of strawberry on top.

This one does change a little overtime initially, with the strawberry being quite upfront at first, and when aged for a 5-7 days it melds in and allows the tobaccos through again.

Naked Menthol

Crossover Blend

A finely crafted tobacco blend with no less than 3 types of tobacco + a few other secret ingredients to get this as close to the real deal as we have experienced this far.

Cooling on both inhale and exhale with a complex almost woody finish, very nice.


 Naked Tobacco

  • Entry Level Flavour (great for first time users)

This blend of tobacco flavours has been carefully and thoughtfully hand crafted to find that familiar taste most of us are comfortable with but cunningly disguised by removing all the not so tasty bits that real tobacco smoke leaves behind.

Although this blend was developed for the new pallette, old hands may also appreciate this blend.

Milk Bottle

The flavour profile of this juice is very close to the flavour of the milk bottle lollies I knew as a kid. A sweet vape with a simply complex flavour if that's possible, not too much going on, but enough to keep me coming back time and time again.

If pleasing was a flavour then this is it. It is sweet, but not sickly sweet, the flavour is strong enough to be noticed, but not overpowering allowing this flavour to be vaped day after day if that's your thing.

If you are new to vaping, and have not yet experimented with non-tobacco flavours, this would be a good introductory blend. Also a good choice for experienced vapers looking for an "all day go to vape".


Tangee Fruit

Developed as part of our Kiwi lollie range we are working on. A classic Kiwi sweet with a sweet somewhat non-descript fruit flavour profile.

Very, very nice all day vape, the fruity flavour is not over powering and balances well with the sweetness to leave you with a very pleasant flavour.


Smells and tastes similar to the well known liqueur.

For those that do not like sweeter vapes, probably best to avoid this one.

But if you do like flavours like Chocolate, Caramel and Coffee.........enjoy.

NB: Dark coloured e-Liquid

Bellisimo Blackberry

A smooth Blackberry blend with a taste similar to the Blackberry and Raspberry lollies in NZ.

Very moorish!


A subtly complex Cappuccino brew. True to it's name it should suit most coffee drinkers.

Moderately sweet.

Crazy Cow 

Just like the real deal thats often associated with extreme sports......, but in flavour only though, this contains nothing but flavour and PG/VG, pretty damn close if we do say so ourselves.

Nana's Apple Pie

A damn fine vape if we do say so ourselves!

The sweet rich apple flavour is dominant along with a full bodied buttery pasty with just a hint of cinnamon to round out the full flavour with just a hint of vanilla icecream to complete the dish.

Although we do call this Apple Pie, for Kiwi's the flavour may be best described as Apple Danish Pastry.

Peach Cobbler

Another of our own favourites!

A full peach flavour is backed by the distinct crumble like topping, very very moorish. Sweetness and flavour intensity have been balanced to provide a very satisfying all day vape or for those that would just like a nice dessert vape.

Pineapple Lumpz

You don't really get anymore Kiwi than Pineapple Lumpz

Rich and sweet and as close to the real deal as you can get without the calories!!

Very nice.

Raspberry Cream

The perfect creamy balance between raspberry and a sweet creamy type base.

As with most of our flavour range care has been taken to make sure the sweetspot is bang on and balanced well against the somewhat sharper notes of the raspberry itself.

Great for all day vaping or for those special occasions.

Sinfully Grape

A grape based flavour backed with a mild tobacco base. Full flavour with a solid body.

Sinfully Grape: Its not really a pure fruity desert flavour, nor is it a tobacco flavour, the tobacco is subtle but it is there enough for this to be a wicked vape with a decent coffee. I've been on it since friday night and anything i can vape for more than an hour is a decent flavour (i'm not one of those flavour-whores who can just chop and change at a whim, oh no, it has to be bloody fantastic or im not interested). 

Azzaj, forum 


 I found it to be a nice complex taste, I was struggling to put words to the flavour. Sure it tastes like grape, but its not that simple, its not a simple grape flavour like a grape fruit juice. Initially I considered it to have tobacco like taste on the inhale, and a grapey exhale, but I now think I was mistaken. I have decided that overall its like a high quality glass of Port.

Like a good port, there is a bite as you swallow, so with sinfully grape, when you first inhale, there is a pleasing throat hit, with a subtle spicy flavour at the base of the tongue.


Belial, forum 


Simply Chocolate

If you are looking for a simple rich chocolate flavour then this one is for you.

We spent quite some time deveolping and testing this flavour and the results are quite good if we do say so ourselves.

The flavour is close to what we would describe as somewhere in between a dark and milk chocolate.

Naked Vapour Premium e-Juice/e-Liquids have been developed and tested by us and only the best make it through for sale to the public. We always use quality ingredients in our e-Liquids, no shortcuts or compromises ever.

If you are new to vaping this is an easier place to start than full on DIY. All you have to do is mix accordingly with your own nicotine base (singles are ready to vape if you are after nic free).

Ideally we would sell these already with nicotine at your desired level, however under current NZ law we are unable to do so at this time.

Single - flavoured to be vaped as it is.

No further mixing required ie: 0 nicotine

ie: 10ml makes 10ml


Double - flavour strength is doubled, to allow for dilution/mixing with a nicotine base by the end user.

Typically diluted 1:1

ie: 10ml makes 20ml


Triple - are stronger again than doublers.

Typically diluted 2:1 ie: 2 parts nicotine base, 1 part tripler.

ie: 10ml makes 30ml


  • All are 0 nicotine to comply with current legislation in New Zealand.
  • All are handmade as ordered, so made fresh.
  • All come in dripper bottles with childproof cap.
  • All packages are sealed by hand, and have 3 layers (minimum) of protection for shipping.
  • Please keep all of our products out of reach of children, although they do not contain nicotine as shipped, some people use the bottles to store their own nicotine mixes.
  • Shelf life of 2 years from date of purchase, store out of direct sunlight in cool dark place.
  • CAUTION: Inhalation of anything besides fresh air on a regular basis may have unknown long term side effects. Please consult your own qualified Health Care Provider for more information.
  • Nicotine Base is best stored in the freezer (clearly labeled).
  • Flavour is subjective, no returns accepted.
  • PG is Propylene Glycol BP or USP grade.
  • VG is Vegetable Glycerine, Glycerol BP or USP Grade.

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