Dual Coil Tanks

Dual Coil Tanks

Q: What are dual coil tanks?

A: A dual coil tank is basically a cylindrical housing that surrounds a special pre-holed type of Dual Coil Cartomiser. The tank holds extra juice, that wicks into the cartomizer as it's required.


Q: Ok, so why would I want one?

A: Although XL dual coil cartmoizers hold a decent amount of juice (around 1.6ml) they do need to be kept wet at all times and will require topping up at least daily for most vapers. Tanks extend the time between refills, and because you can see the liquid available you should never be caught out or run a carto dry.

Another benefit is that the vape is usually more conistent as the tank keeps the carto optimally saturated at all times.


Q: Where do I get the special cartos?

A: We stock pre-holed cartomizers below, or the FULL tank kits have them included.


Q: Are they easy to fill?

A: Dual Coil tanks are one of the easiest of all to fill.

When filling for the very first time with a new pre-cut carto, fill the carto first as you would normally (they take around 1.6ml of e-liquid or approximately 32 drops), this way you reduce most risk of dry burning a carto if the tank hasn't wicked in fast enough, insert the carto into the tank, battery end first, just before you push the battery end through the other end leave a bit of space to fill with a dripper bottle, push carto through to flush, wipe down, insert your drip tip, wait 5 minutes (just be sure it's all wet), vape.

We now have some videos to even show you how!!

Watch this video first, dual coil cartomizer filling www.youtube.com/watch

and then on to how to fill the tank itself www.youtube.com/watch