Batteries & Passthrough

The batteries we stock come in many sizes, capacities and types

Pen style batteries like eGo-C are either automatic (very rare) or manually operated (typical).

Fact: Most users prefer manual as it gives more control and they are usually of a sealed type, so less prone to failure should a leak/spill occur.

  • Safety: Never leave any type of battery to charge unsupervised
  • Charge only on a fireproof surface

Capacities can range from 320mAh for an E-smart type battery (similar in diameter to a regular cigarette) to over 1600mAh and closer in diameter to a White Board marker.

Types can range from standard regulated voltage output to variable voltage (and or wattage in some cases) and some also have passthrough ability, this allows to user to continue to vape whilst the battery is being recharged.


There are 3 main connection types that we stock.

  • 510 -  the most common format. All eGo type batteries are 510 compatible.
  • 510-eGo or eGo-510 - also very common, adds an outer thread (all eGo batteries have this threading) for various cartomizers and extras. All 510 devices are compatible normally, as well as all eGo threaded devices.
  • NB: Batteries do not come with chargers unless specifically stated - chargers can be found on the right hand side of this page and also at the bottom or here - LINK
  • We do stock some 808D  - Typically used by over the counter e-Cigs by the larger brand names. Compatible with 808D only. Not compatible with the 510 or 510/eGO devices unless an adapter is used and vice versa. See this LINK for 808D type products - most are being phased out.
Larger MOD batteries

Larger MOD batteries

These batteries are for use in larger MOD type e-Cigarette devices.

eGo-T Upgrade MOD, VMax, Provari, eGo APV MOD V2, Lavatube, Epicstorm etc

They are listed by:

Manufacturer or Brand then by Size, then by Type, then by rated Capacity.

ie: AW - 18650 - IMR - 2000mAh


  • Safety: Never leave any type of battery to charge unsupervised

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