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eGo APV Body Finish
eGo APV Body Finish


See our Vamo V3 (new version) listing.



  • aka - the Vamo, the Bamboo


The APV V2 MOD was one of the first lower priced MODs that can use either 18650 batteries or 18350 batteries, 18350 batteries can be used either singly or stacked together, any option though, creates a full 3.0~6.0 volt MOD that can be used in a shorter version by simply removing a section from MOD's body

How it all works....

  • Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 ~ 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments.
  • The eGo APV V2 MOD has a true eGo-510 fitting, meaning it can accept without adapters standard 510 devices, and also standard eGo type devices like an eGo-T atomizer, Vision V3 and so on,
  • The blue OLED (organic light emitting diode) display is crisp and clear and allows information to be displayed to the user, current voltage or wattage setting, resistance of the device attached, remaining battery voltage and so on. Changing or checking on things is a breeze with this MOD.
  • Insert the battery(ies) into the MOD. Positive terminal first.
  • The MOD has 5 Click Protection - Like most eGo batteries.
  • Turn on the MOD, 5 clicks of the main power button (to turn off, repeat at anytime).
  • ON will display in the LCD, then turn off.
  • To change Voltage up or down, press the left button for down and right the button for up. Default voltage on battery change is 3.0v (careful not to go one step down from here = 6.0v!!)

    Now remember at this point, just because you can go higher voltage, doesn't mean you should, start low @ 3.0v and work your way up slowly until you find your own sweetspots, checking for dry burning or other indicators that you are not pushing the device attached too hard.

    This MOD has 2 out put modes:

  • Mode 1: Constant Voltage - 3.0 ~ 6.0v, 0.1 volt increments. This is how most Variable Voltage mods work, you set the voltage and the MOD outputs at this voltage.
  • Mode 2: Constant Wattage - 3.0 ~15.0 watts, 0.5 watt increments. (Please take extra care here, 3.5 watts on a Vivi Mini 1.8ohm is already very strong, and it is capable of 15 watts)
  • To switch between the modes, press and hold left and right buttons for 3 seconds, the new mode will show the current value with a small V or W displayed upper right to indicate which mode your are now in. Left and right now resume their normal function, increasing or decreasing the power.
  • V= Volts
  • W= Watts
  • The eGo APV will take 1 x 18650, 2 x18350, or a single 18350 battery! All without changing the end cap, just remove part of the middle section to shorten to 18350 mode!
  • We have tested with flat top 18650s and 18350s. Also works with single button top 18650 and 18350s (AW IMR).
  • To use 2 x 18350 configuration would require flat tops or genuine AW IMR batteries to fit. To display the resistance, press and hold the right button for 3 seconds. To display the remaining battery voltage, press and hold the left button for 3 seconds. The eGo APV has the following protection functions: 1. 10 second automatic cut off on button press. Prevents accidental discharge. 2. When a single battery's voltage is less than 3.2v or a pair of 18350 batteries combined voltage is less than 6.4v, the screen will display LO v, which indicates that the batteries need to be charged. 3. When you use an atomizer at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display LO Ω, which indicates that you need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance. 4. When the atomizer you are using has a short circuit,the screen will display LO v. 5. Polarity protection, will not work if battery polarity is incorrect. Positive end into MOD first.

What is supplied?

  • 1 x eGo APV V2 MOD Body - Choose your body finish type from the drop down box upper right
  • NB: Refer back to this listing for instructions as the manufacturer has not produced a manual for this device.


* eGo APV MOD is only for advanced e-Cig users who are comfortable with using atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers and adjusting voltages and wattages to suit the device. Not suitable for first time users.


Warranty: 60 days on body and covers functionality only, does not cover wear on the finish. The Black Chrome version is known to wear , as these are heavy mods, any drop, knock may leave marks on the finish.