Hyper Tank Glass Atomizer

HyperTank Type

HyperTank Glass Clearomizer - 5ml

Introducing one of the largest glass BCC style tanks to hit the market yet - holding up to a massive 5ml capacity.

This is a BCC style clearomizer (fill while holding upside down - see provided manufacturers instruction card) that not only has a massive capacity but also uses a borosilicate type glass tank, this is housed inside a 4 windowed aluminium housing to provide some protection and also to aid in seeing your current e-Liquid level.

When the supplied heads are due to be replaced, the HyperTank Glass Clearomizer will accept Kanger Universal BCC heads.

  • 1.8ohm head is fitted - suitable for 3.3v ~ 3.7volt range
  • 2.2ohm (spare) - suitable for 3.7volt devices and higher 
  • 510 connection 

Please note this is a large and fairly heavy tank (glass + metal + liquid - 5ml) that will be extremely top heavy when mounted on smaller eGo style batteries and some larger MODs in fact - do not leave to stand upright as a good knock or fall may damage the clearomizer and the device attached.

NB: When reconnecting threaded components (filling, maintenance etc), take care with the larger thread alignments to avoid damage.

Warranty: 90 days RTB for manufacturing defects only, does not cover thread damage, glass tank cracking or breaking outside of DOA, heads are consumable - DOA only.