EVOD Clearomizer by Kanger

NZ$11.90 NZ$9.90
EVOD Resistance
EVOD Colour

Kanger EVOD Rebuildable Clearomizer - DISCONTINUED

EVOD - Evolution of Design?


NB: This product has now been discontinued in favour of the EVOD 2 Clearomizer - similar design, but with bottom dual coil heads - LINK


Similar to the T3 in design, this version holds a little less e-Liquid at 1.6ml (T3 is around 3ml) but the replaceable heads are cheaper owing to the new design allowing just the head to be replaced instead of the entire integrated base and head of the T3.

So although the initial purchase price may be a litle higher than the T3, the on going costs should be less.

Supplied as single units, with Black or Stainless finishes.

Colours: Black only at present sorry
Threading: 510-eGo

How to fill an EVOD Clearomizer with e-Liquid?

  1. Remove from battery if applicable - ensure to grip only the very lower part of the clearomizer to avoid an accidental tank separation!
  2. While holding the EVOD clearomizer upside down, separate the base from the main tank section by unscrewing and then remvoing the base from main tank section
  3. Drip/pour e-Liquid into the tank section, avoid e-Liquid entering the central airway, fill to just below this airway carefully, tilting the clearomizer just off vertical may help here, so the e-Liquid runs down the inside of the outer wall of the tank.
  4. Screw the base back into the EVOD clearomizer with just enough pressure to make a good seal with main tank section

On first fill we recommend waiting 5 minutes with it in the upright position, this is to allow the e-Liquid time to penetrate and saturate the inner coil properly. Subsequent refills do not usually require this with holding period, as the inner coil should still be saturated.

    Refill as required (do not let run dry), replace the head/clearomizer as required.

BCC type clearomizers make it easy to access and replace the head during the refilling process, these simply unscrew from the base. 

BCC - Bottom Changable Coil

Warranty: DOA only for manufacturing defects only, heads are DOA and are a cosumable item.