TrustFire - 18650 Li-ion - 3000mAh

TrustFire18650 Li-ion 3000mAh Battery

These TrustFire batteries (sold as single units) are rated at a massive 3000mAh capacity and have a Protection Circuit Board built in and may not be suitable for Variable Voltage Devices.

  • These are ideally suited to mechanical MODs that offer no built in protection, also suitable for fixed voltage type MOD devices.

This is a protected Li-ion battery that provides over charge protection, and controls discharge rates.

It has a positive nipple (vented) and is slightly longer than most 18650 batteries at 68.5mm in length (including nipple), the diameter is also a touch oversize at 18.3mm.



Size: 18650

Type: Li-ion (Lithium ion)

Length: 86.5mm

Diameter: 18.3mm

Postive vented pole type.


Warranty: 30 Days for manufacturing defects, exludes ALL batteries with any signs of damage or other misuse.

As with any battery, please handle, use and store with due care.

NZ$22.90 NZ$19.90