ICR - 14500 - Li-ion - 700mAh

ICR 14500 Li-ion 700mAh battery.

This Unprotected Lithium ion battery can be used with an appropriately vented and fused e-Cigarette MOD designed to accept 14500 sized batteries.

Swig VariVolt for example.

Sold as single units.

NB: Being unprotected it is doubly important that the MOD in use is suitable, unvented MODs will become potential pipe bombs in cases of thermal runaway in the event of a failure or short circuit.


Size: 14500

Type: Unprotected Li-ion (Lithium ion)

Length: 50mm

Diameter: 14

Flat top type.

Warranty: 90 days for manufacturing defects only.

NZ$10.50 NZ$9.90